Had Any Help From The Careers Service?

Can any postgrads or international students at the University of Manchester spare 30 minutes to talk to a quality assessor on Wednesday or Thursday this week? This is our 5 yearly assessment and our assessor wants to talk to students who’ve had some sort of contact or help from the Careers Service – that could be using our on-line services, our fairs or employer events, attending our talks or having a careers appointment.

He wants to meet students & graduates in small groups to ask about their experiences, so you won’t be on your own! It will give you the chance to have a say about us (but don’t worry, I won’t be there to prod you to say nice things about the blog).

You don’t need to do any preparation but you do need to have a view on the help that you received from the careers service. The times are as follows:

Wednesday 7th October

  • 3.00pm meeting with undergraduates
  • 3.30pm meeting with international students (undergraduate and postgraduate)

Thursday 8th October

  • 10.45 meeting with postgraduate students
  • 11.15 meeting with undergraduates

If you are free for any relevant meeting times, we’d really appreciate your support. If you can help, could you ring the Careers Service (0161 275 2828 and ask for Andrew Whitmore, regarding “students for the Matrix assessment”)? The meetings are confidential, will last for 30 minutes and take place in Crawford House Careers Centre.

Hope you can help!