Trainee Medical Writer Jobs

There are lots of medical writer jobs advertised, particularly with agencies around Macclesfield and Oxford, but they often prefer people with experience. However, Peter Llewellyn from Network Pharma has sent us a vacancy for a trainee medical writer with Caudex, based near Oxford. Caudex say they are looking for 2 trainees, no closing date at the moment, but if you’re interested, I’d get your applications in as soon as possible.

The ad below has a useful description of the role of a medical writer, so could be of interest even if you don’t want to apply for this particular job (click on the image for the pdf of the vacancy). Additionally, there’s always the great “From academic to medical writer” guide from Network Pharma for loads of info on medical communications.


pdf of job ad from Caudex - Trainee Medical Writer


2 comments on “Trainee Medical Writer Jobs

    • Hi Parvathi

      I’m afraid you’re replying to a post which is over 2 years old – and I’m not Peter anyway! You have to apply directly to any ads we post here, not through commenting on the blog.

      However, you may be interested to note that Peter Llewellyn has now set up a vacancy page on his MedComms Networking site, so book mark this and apply directly to any ads which are of interest.

      Good luck

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