More Writing (And Software) Jobs At IBM

gorillatutu I’ve been running around campus this week talking to as many new postgrads as possible, dodging the “gorilla dressed in a tutu” marketing stunts, trying to convince you that there are still jobs around this year.

Just to reinforce this, I was chatting to a manager from IBM yesterday and found out that not only are they planning to recruit graduates and postgraduates this year, they’re recruiting more this year than last year.

For any postgrads (OK, and grads too, if they’re reading this) who are looking for work right now, there are current jobs on their website as well as positions for next autumn, for both “software developers” and “information developers”. Neither need a Computer Science degree, though you will have to show a “passion for technology”.

I hadn’t come across the term “information developer” before, but turns out they are technical writers. I know from my experience as a software engineer, that the last people you want to write user documentation are the programmers and developers themselves – much better left to skilled writers who know how to translate your jargon-ridden explanations into something anyone can understand. So, if you enjoy using technology, love communication and can explain complex subjects to non-expert audiences (any science communicators out there?), these jobs could be for you.

IBM were also keen to point out that they were very interested in receiving more applications from women, for whatever jobs (and no, you don’t need to wear a dark suit any more – one of the other IBM representatives was wearing a red suit which I was secretly coveting).

Details of the software and information development jobs, both for immediate start and for next autumn, are here.