New Here?

newstudentsWelcome to our careers news and comment service for postgraduates of the University of Manchester.

You can find out more about this blog, who’s writing it, the Careers Service, and some general comments about postgraduate careers on the other static pages. However, the main “Home” page is where you’ll get regular updates throughout the year on careers items of particular interest to postgraduates.

How to find posts on specific topics

One way is to use key words in the Search box on the right hand side (for example, “Leadership” comes up with 18 mentions of leadership either in the title or the text of the post). An alternative is to look at the Category box on the right hand side. You’ll see a range of categories in a drop down box, with the number of posts in that category. I categorise each post, normally with several categories, so you can filter them to get to what you want. NB. For some reason, the blogging software has links to different categories at the end of each post – but they link to posts anywhere in the world on with that category or tag, so if you just want to find our careers posts, use the right hand drop down categories.

How to find all the older posts which are still useful

You don’t want to have to wade through old posts about vacancies (just in case you find your ideal job – which has now gone) but there are lots of posts which are still relevant today, such as interview resources, good words for CVs, psychometric test tips, how to find lists of specialist employers and more. Now it’s easy to filter out the old news, by using the category “Previously, on Manchester PG Careers” (I know, I watch too many US TV programmes…). You can do this through the categories box, or just one click on the link on the right hand side menu will take you there.

Making the news come to you

The great things about using blogging software is that you don’t even have to come to this site to read new posts. You can use feed readers, like Google Reader or many others to pull the posts from loads of sources into one place, and build your own news site. We can offer a feed (in a range of different formats, RSS etc) through Feedburner. Just click on the link on the right hand side menu and it will take you directly to Feedburner and the feed. If you’re not familiar with news feeds, we’ve also set up a service where you can register your e-mail address and every time I write a new post, it will e-mail it out to you overnight. Again, it’s on the right hand side menu.

This year, I’ve started using Twitter (user name : ManPGCareers) for news items where I can quickly get the info across in 140 characters. Items also appear on the right hand side bar of the blog, normally with a link for more info. This is where I’ve increasingly started putting vacancy info, so either check the blog regularly or follow me on Twitter.

If you want to know more about using feeds, have a look at the page on “About this blog” for more info and resources.

Tell us what you want from the blog and the Careers Service

We love to hear from you. In fact, I’m pathetically grateful for any comments that I get. If you’re a postgrad at the University of Manchester and want to tell us what career services you’d like generally, or comment on what we’ve written or offered, our virtual ears are open. Just add a comment here, or to any of the posts, and we’ll read it. All comments are moderated (ie I check them before they get published) so if you just want to give us feedback but don’t want it to be published on the web, just make that clear in your comment. Also, your e-mail and real identity don’t get published, just whatever name/pseudonym you choose, and any url you add (though be aware that I check any urls attached, just to be on the safe side…!) But comment away, have your say on anything careers related, and help us get better at helping you.

Careers blogging revolution

When I started this blog, just after the start of the Autumn term in 2007, I didn’t realise what I was setting in motion. We now have 5 Careers Service blogs, each aimed at their own particular community. If you fall into more than one of these communities, please feel free to browse any which are relevant. You may find some posts are published in more than one place, but most will have a flavour just for the community they serve.