So, What Do You Do, Dear?

smart older woman Couldn’t resist pointing you in the direction of “The Old Lady Job Justification Hearings” on the new series of “That Mitchell and Webb Sound”, the comedy sketch radio show, currently on BBC Radio 4. Each week, someone has to explain the job they do to a panel of “little old ladies”*.

After the recent surfeit of Lehman Brothers nostalgia, I couldn’t resist this week’s “Futures Trader” trying to answer, “what do you do, dear?” and “just tell us this, how does it help?”.

Sometimes, just sometimes, it’s the question I’m itching to ask the odd hyped-up new graduate recruit – but then I remember I have to be independent and non-judgemental and keep schtumm.

This episode is available on the BBC iPlayer here (around 5mins 30 seconds in) but only until 7pm on Tuesday 15th September (ie tomorrow at time of writing). Get it while you can, or as it’s a recurring sketch, if the series is still running, try the latest episode for a new Job Justification.

*Of course, these are comedy little old ladies, all soft voices, gentle concern and grandfather clock ticking in the background, whereas in reality, today’s little old ladies are surfing the web to get the best deals on new walking boots or submitting first-named papers to learned journals.