McKinsey PhD Workshops

laptophotel I’ve recently spoken to management consulting company, McKinsey, and found out that they are running 1 day PhD workshops in September, in London (17th), Oxford (21st) and Cambridge (18th). The workshops are primarily aimed at PhDs from, well, guess where, but they are prepared to consider excellent applications from wherever they come*. In addition, they pointed out that if they find a fantastic applicant who can’t be accommodated within these September workshops, they may be able to direct you to other opportunities to meet up with McKinsey. The closing date is midnight, Wednesday 9th September and you’ll need to upload a CV as well as an on-line application.

As you’d expect from one of the world’s most high profile management consultancies, their standards are high.  “Just” doing a PhD is only a fraction of what you’ll need to impress them, but if you have academic and non-academic achievements which show that you’re something out of the ordinary, you could be just what they’re after. Just make sure you don’t sell yourself short with your CV – for consultancy, a one page stand-out CV is more impressive than two (or more) pages of waffle.

If you don’t get the chance attend one of these workshops, they expect to run a more detailed three day Insight programme in the New Year, which hopefully I should be able to tell you about in January.

* At the moment, their on-line application system allows you to choose your university from a drop down list which includes “Manchester Business School” and “Manchester Institute of Science and Technology U of” – but not “University of Manchester”. They’ve said they’ll change it, but in the meantime, just use your common sense and use whichever you prefer!