Post Study Work Visa – Be Prepared!

globe We’ve come across a number of international students and recent graduates/postgraduates who have been under the impression that somehow their student visa automatically mutates into a Post Study Work Visa after their student visa expires – not so! You have to apply for this visa, and if you don’t do that before your student visa expires (often 3 months after your course ends), you may be in the UK illegally.

I know that this is early warning for many of you, especially those on Masters programmes which don’t finish until December, but you need to think about this early. There are conditions you need to meet which can’t just be addressed at the point at which you apply – like the requirement to have a minimum amount in your bank account for the three months prior to your application. At the time of writing (usual health warning – check for updates etc), the information from our International Advice team at the University states that:

  • if you’re applying for the Post Study Work Visa and you’re still in the UK (legally), you must have had a minimum of at least £800, plus £533 per dependant, in your bank account for the three months prior to application
  • if you’re applying from outside the UK, you need at least £2,800, plus £1,600 per dependant, in your bank account for the previous three months.

There are lots more stipulations so get your plans in place early.

Amanda, our International Careers Supremo, has been invited to attend a meeting with the Migration Advisory Committee on the 15th September, to give feedback on how the immigration and work visa regulations are affecting our students and post/graduates. She’s got lots to say already, but I’m sure she’d be very pleased to hear directly from you with a comment on her blog before she goes.


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  1. I plan go to Manchester on this 21 November,actually my 1st plan is migrate from Malaysia to London,but when i thing that to far,i thing better i just working problem now i don’t know how to apply visa there,i have family n cousin in Manchester,her husband is born there..i thing to ask them for helping me to get the visa,but i need to do myself i need anybody out there to helping me how to get the visa,and i willing to pay for myself for that visa..

    many thanks

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