Mystery Visitors

There has been a welcome, but rather puzzling, massive increase in visitors to this blog over the last couple of weeks (as measured by the WordPress statistics package).

Much as I’d like to think that all our work to enthuse Manchester postgrads about their careers is paying off, I’m not sure where you’re all coming from – or if it’s just a software glitch (IT support claims it’s real, but no hints as to where you’ve all come from, so I’m dubious).

Anyway, I’m always keen to find out who’s reading (happy to be of use to anyone out there – all welcome). So, if you could spare a couple of seconds, could you let me know who you are by clicking the poll at the top of the sidebar?

Useful notes:

1) Privacy – I won’t get to know where you’re from, your IP address or the like, and you don’t have to give your name or e-mail address so your identity is safe (ie. I won’t be able to tell your boss you’ve been looking at careers stuff … though I would never do that anyway). However, the software should only allow you to register your vote once.

2) If you fit in the category “Professional interest in careers stuff or postgrads generally“, it would help me if you could click that one as your choice, even if some of the others also apply.


3 comments on “Mystery Visitors

  1. I subscribed to RSS feed from this post because I found his themes very interesting, the link section quite complete. I am not related to Manchester Uni, but I am quite interested in their PhD

    Good work, keep on 🙂 !

    • Many thanks – great to get some feedback (and look forward to seeing you if you decide to do a PhD at Manchester Uni!)


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