Civil Service Update

Quick update from the Civil Service Fast Stream careers service day (attended by Anna, our Pathways organiser).

Sounds to be similar to last year, so I won’t repeat the mammoth posts I wrote then – you can read them here:

if you want to know more. However, the news is that this year they are planning to introduce a Human Resources Fast Stream and they will be re-opening the European Fast Stream option to UK applicants (other European nationals can look at their own government recruitment plans as it varies by nationality).

If you have applied before but were unsuccessful, there is no problem about applying again (assuming you didn’t fail dismally or have at least improved since last time). Many people don’t get through on their first attempt, and once you’ve been through the assessment process once, you’ve got a better idea of what to expect.

They’ll be open for registrations from 21st September but the website is up and running as we speak.