BP Eurograduate Programme for Masters

BP I’ve been waiting for the 2010 BP Eurograduate programme to be announced and at last the webpage has been updated to indicate that they’ll be open for applications from 1st September, with the next assessment centre taking place in mid December 2009 in Brussels.

This is a 5 year European programme for Masters in business or technical subjects, where you get to work in three different business functions in two or three different countries, starting with somewhere which isn’t your home country. In addition to having a Masters level qualification, you must be fluent in at least two European languages, of which one must be English, and be prepared to be mobile around Europe. This does sound like a remarkable fast track programme if you aspire to an international career in the oil business. You’re even offered the “Temporary International Relocation Policy” for the duration of the programme, which sounds like one of those sought after expat deals to me (from my time in HR in industry, the expats were always looked at with envy, conveniently forgetting the upheaval caused by regular relocation).

For more info, have a look at their webpage, including a video about the programme (I suggest you try Internet Explorer for this as I had problems with Firefox).

If you aren’t interested in this programme but still want to look at jobs with BP, their UK recruitment site will also be open for applicants from 1st September (some of the info currently there is still from last year). For 2010, BP are planning on having 150 UK graduate and postgraduate vacancies (plus 100 internships) in Engineering, Science and Business roles. The closing dates are Friday 12 February 2010 for most vacancies, or 13th November 2009 for the vacancies in Trading. However, in common with several other employers, BP have pointed out in an e-mail to us that they will start processing applications as soon as they are received, with 1st round interviews starting in October and Assessment Centres in November. They say

“We endeavour to make both Graduate and Intern Offers as soon as applicants have successfully passed the assessment process and therefore early applications are strongly advised”.

This early opening for next year’s vacancies is becoming increasingly common. Check out Holly’s post on the Graduate Careers Blog on the latest employers to open early for business.


2 comments on “BP Eurograduate Programme for Masters

  1. Hello,
    I am also interested in the BP Eurograduate Programme.
    Do you know if entry restrictions are very high? I mean, apart from a Master’s degree and speaking fluently 2 languages, do they look for other characteristics? Like high marks, specific skills…?
    Do you know what is the assessment centre like? Personal interviews, tests, team discussions…???
    And finally, what has exactly made you to apply? What is what you like so much about this programme?
    Please, if some BP Eurograd (or ex-eurograd) is reading this, tell us your opinion and experience.
    Thank you!

  2. Hi Laura

    Now there’s a coincidence – it just happens that I’m in the middle of writing an e-mail in response to a request from BP to publicise their vacancies – so I’ll ask them. Depending on what they can tell me, I’ll either put the info here, or if they can do a “guest post” from a BP Eurograd, I’ll probably make it a main post. Let’s keep our fingers crossed!


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