Some Of The Slides From Pathways

pathwaysskillsworkshopsI’ve uploaded slides from some of the Pathways workshops for those who wanted copies, or those who couldn’t attend. If there are any other sessions you want to see, let me know (just comment on this post) and I’ll see if

a) we’ve still got them, and

b) the author is happy with them being shared on the web.

Bear in mind that these slides are from interactive sessions, so they won’t all make complete sense without the commentary and interaction. For example, with my presentations, the bullet points are really just placeholders for what I want to say – well, what’s the point of doing a presentation if you’re just going to read the text? That said, here they are.

Wired For Work

For this session which Alex Hardman and I ran, I also created a companion website using Netvibes, I’d strongly recommend looking at it alongside the slides, as it includes

  • clickable links to all the websites mentioned
  • examples of the types of resources we covered, such as smart starting points for your job search, and examples of some of the vacancy feeds which are out there
  • some short videos to illustrate things like “What’s an RSS feed?” and the use of Twitter
  • more details of  the “Cautionary Tale” – making sure your on-line presence works for your career, not against it

The tabs relevant to this session are clearly marked “Pathways”, although the other tabs may also be of use (I’ve been using this site as a training aid for other sessions as well).

There’s also a document created by Alex to support the session which more clearly shows you how to use RSS feeds. It’s available here on Google Docs (and linked from the Netvibes site).


Alison Hattersley from Success Factory ran 3 sessions on “Negotiating Your Salary”. The slides you see here are on negotiation in general – the salary bit came from the discussions we had, so if you wanted those specific tips, I’m afraid you had to be there…

Emotional Intelligence

Lyn Bailey, also from Success Factory, ran sessions on Emotional Intelligence. Again, the slides support the session, so may be more useful if you attended and wanted to have access to the slides for backup.