Renewable Energy & “Ethical” Companies

vestasAnother post-fair post – I was asked several times at the recruitment fair, both in the PhD Zone and in general queries, about organisations who dealt with renewable energy or energy conservation, and promised to mention it on my blog (as I have trouble keeping 3,500+ bookmarks in my head).

These are a few of the resources which I find useful for these areas:

  • Ethical Junction Directory – lists all sorts of “ethical” organisations (ie those who buy into their Ethical Policy), including a range of organisations working in the fields of renewable energy, conservation, recycling, transport and lots more. Doesn’t advertise jobs, but direct approaches to organisations where you can make a good case for buying into their values (and being able to do the job, of course) can be an effective way of accessing the job market in a recession – often better than waiting for the job ads to appear.
  • The Energy Institute – their company members’ directory has over 300 company links, subdivided into many niche areas including solar energy, wind energy consultants, biomass waste energy and more.
  • yourenergyjobs – this is the jobs site from The Energy Institute, again split into all sorts of specialisms. Currently advertising over 160 jobs.

In addition, it makes sense to investigate those companies in this field who came to the fair, such as Vestas and ENER-G – if they were keen enough to come to the fair, that’s a reasonable indication that they want graduates and postgraduates to apply. See the whole list of fair exhibitors here (but remember to also click on the list of Thursday attendees, linked from this page).