Post Fair Report

kineticaJust got time for a quick post-fair post before yet another postgrad event (it’s the Manchester Leadership For Researchers Conference this afternoon). Here are some snippets:

  • Seems like many organisations are keeping up their investment in R&D, which is great news for research postgrads or specialist masters. Specific comments I heard were that they need to be ready for the upturn, and if they don’t invest in R&D now, they’ll fall behind competitors.
  • Agencies were still reporting demand, even in areas which “everyone” says are in decline. Kinetica recruit in the chemistry and life science sectors, and were doing brisk business on their stand. They pointed out that demand varies geographically at the moment – Yorkshire and the North West were seeing demand in the chemical industry and polymers, while most of their pharmaceutical and healthcare assignments were in the South East. Having said that, Astra Zeneca and Invitrogen are both life science organisations with bases in the North West, and do expect to have demand for postgrads.
  • There seems to be increasing interest in using Web 2.0 technology in recruitment. Astra Zeneca were investigating Twitter to see if it would add to their careers information stream, Tessella (and others) already have Twitter feeds, and recruitment agency, Morson, made some interesting comments about using LinkedIn to target scientists and engineers (I’ll try and follow this up to get more info).

There will be more updates from the last couple of weeks of postgrad events (including slides from some of the Pathways workshops) once this last postgrad event is done and dusted. Normal service will be resumed from tomorrow!