Immediate Short Term Consultancy Work

bionowIf you’re able to do a very quick turn around on a pulling together a document which overviews the clinical research capabilities across the Northwest of England, then Bionow want to hear from you today (tomorrow might be okay too).

Dr Geoff Davison, Director of Bionow, leads the development of the biomedical sector for the Northwest Regional Development Agency, and he’s put out the plea:

“This is for a high level UK government exercise and needs to be a professionally put together document. I have a template for what the document should look like and cover and I have a group of experts from across the region who have and will continue to input whatever data is required. I also have a number of data sources and reports. What I don’t have is someone with the time to pull it all together into a coherent document in a relatively short timescale.”

Ideally he needs someone with a scientific background who is used to writing articles/papers etc. The timescale is very short  – they need someone to be able to turn this around in the next 2 weeks (ideally by the 19th June).

I know this is a tall order, but it would be fantastic experience to add to your CV, particularly if you’re a life or medical scientist or healthcare specialist who wants to prove that they can work at a strategic level, or wants to show that you can work fast to meet an external client’s requirements (sounds like just the thing to put on your CV for a consultancy application).

And yes, it’s paid (don’t know how much – use your negotiating skills).

Interested? E-mail Geoff Davison ( straight away or ring him on 01925 400011 – though you’ll get voicemail for most of today as he’s in meetings.

Rather than e-mailing to “ask for further details”, this is your chance to pitch for the job. I’d give a few brief details of what experience you have which would be relevant, why you’re the ideal person for the work and give him the confidence that you can deliver in the timescales set out, and you could be adding “Consultancy, Bionow, North West Development Agency” to your CV.