To Tweet Or Not To Tweet?

twitterI’ve resisted Twitter so far, but in the interests of investigating all avenues of using technology to help your career, I’ve succumbed at last – ManPGCareers is now tweeting, no doubt sporadically, and a little forlornly into the Twitterverse, but at least it’s there now.

“Instant response” and “short and pithy” aren’t my natural default settings (you’ve seen the length of some of my blog posts) but I wasn’t convinced about blogging until I got started, and look where that led (5 careers blogs, over 40,000 hits on this blog in less than 2 years, hundreds more subscribers by RSS and e-mail) so it’s worth a punt.

The immediate prompt was a session I’m running at Pathways next week, with Alex Hardman who is an ardent twitterer (twit? – haven’t got with the jargon yet), on using technology for careers. Twitter is only one part of the session, and I’m not convinced yet of its value, but I’m open to persuasion. We’ll also cover more basic stuff like using smart starting points for job searches, using feeds, and professional networking sites like LinkedIn.

I’m also looking into setting up a Pathways twitter account (anyone want to tweet the conference?), but more on that if it happens.


5 comments on “To Tweet Or Not To Tweet?

  1. Just like blogging (when I originally worried about not having enough to blog about), I’m already thinking of turning everything anyone tells/asks me, about PG careers, into a tweet.

    You’ve led me astray, Alex! Now, let’s see how many other people we can corrupt next Monday…

  2. “Alex Hardman who is an ardent twitterer – twit? ”

    I think the word is Tweeter – although as I can’t stand the whole Twitter malarkey, I’ll personally stick with twit!

    • “Tweeter” – that’s the word I was looking for! It’s all very well this new technology but little use when you can’t remember basic words to use (though I do like twit).

      Actually, I also couldn’t stand the whole Twitter malarkey, until I tried it and started to figure out what it could be used for. Now I’m prepared to give it a go – at least as a pilot, though I reserve the right to run out of interest and dump it later.

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