Sign Up For A Free Lunch

lunchOK, here’s the deal. If all those who want to come to Pathways sign up beforehand, instead of just turning up on the day, we won’t run out of food!

Not enough incentive?

How about being entered into a prize draw for £50 of Amazon vouchers for all those Manchester University PhDs and research staff who sign up for one or other of the Pathways days before 10th June (and who turn up and register on at least one of the days of the event – we’re not daft, you know)?

Alright, you’re on.

Of course the real incentive is that we’re signing up more guests every day to talk about their careers on Day 1 (Friday 12th June), including former researchers who now work in publishing, the health service, the EU, HMRC (and before you turn up your nose at that one, it’s a good job someone’s interested in collecting the taxes which the government uses to fund universities and research…) and more.

For Day 2 (Monday 15th June), we’re adding new workshops which we wouldn’t get the chance to run at any other time of year. One I’m keen to see is on negotiation skills – but just to make it even more relevant to your career, we’ll approach it in terms of “Negotiating Your Salary”. Can you afford to miss that one?

What’s “Pathways”? Well, have a look here.