Masters Required…

careersbooksWe’ve had a flurry of posts and information about events aimed just at PhDs recently (and more to come – including a new recruitment event), but I haven’t forgotten about all our Masters postgrads.

Here are some of our current vacancies where a Masters or “postgraduate degree” is specifically mentioned, just to prove that there are still jobs out there and that a Masters degree can give you the edge, particularly when it allows you to specialise in a sought after area.

  • Applied Economist, Cambridge – lots of working with large data sets to produce economic reports, presentations, forecasts and so on, focusing on UK & EU
  • Development Chemist, Merseyside – developing innovative colour and other additives for the polymer industry, including R&D, formulation, project management and communication with internal and external customers and partners
  • Energy analyst, London – a Masters in an engineering, science, economics, or analytical discipline, familiar with data analysis and modelling techniques, fluent in English and another European language, particularly Polish
  • Occupational Psychology consultants – HR Consultancy recruiting for a range of locations (Malaysia, Shanghai, Singapore – see link, plus also see our other vacancies from the same employer)
  • Process Improvement Engineer, Warrington/Manchester – 2½ year KTP programme leading a process improvement project in the food industry, linked to Manchester Metropolitan University
  • Project Engineer, China – based in Shanghai, supporting the Business Development team in Europe, looking for a Masters in electronic or mechanical engineering – and you’ll need native level German, fluent English and preferably knowledge of another European language or Chinese. (There can’t be many of you who fit the bill there, so if you do, I’d get your application in pronto!)
  • Statistician, Berkshire – applying statistical analysis to agricultural research, looking for an MSc in Statistics
  • Technical programmers, Gateshead – computer games developer, looking for a range of roles (search our vacancies on employer name), the more technical roles asking for degree/postgraduate in Physics, Maths, Engineering or similar
  • ESRC PhD studentship, Manchester Business School – looking at barriers to knowledge flows in the pharmaceutical sector. Includes hands on experience working as a member of a pharmaceutical company’s R&D Strategy Communications Team. Need “a Masters degree from an ESRC recognised research training course or which includes a substantial research element or professional research experience”

Plus all those jobs where employers advertise for “graduates” but might be delighted with a Masters (or PhD).

(Oh, and to continue my theme of “there are still jobs out there, really” – we’ve got 382 ads for full-time jobs on our vacancy lists at the moment. Get ’em now while they’re still hot – there will be an awful lot of new graduates who’ll be pouring into the job market, starting as soon as their exams are over.)