Pathways Booking Now Live

pathwaysregistrationAs the title says – you can now book on-line  for our PhD and researcher careers event, Pathways, at our new, easy to remember web address:

I’ll keep you updated here (see this thread for all the Pathways posts). We’ve got more informal advance information about the event, for delegates and potential guest speakers, on the Pathways page on this blog, but you’ll need to sign up in advance for access to details of speakers and workshops before the event (they’ll be added closer to 12th June, as we receive details from our guest speakers and workshop providers).

It’s shaping up to be another outstanding event but it’s always an anxious time, a month or so before any big occasion, particularly when you’re reliant on other peoples’ goodwill to make it a success. To add to our usual annual concerns, this year we added:

  • Recession – guests who attended previously may find their own careers are in jeopardy this year, and employers aren’t as keen to release their employees for optional extras like this, but we’re extremely grateful that some guests are even using their own holiday entitlement to take part
  • “PhD careers compassion fatigue” – as it’s the third year we’ve run this event, eventually people will feel that they’ve paid back any favours they owe us, but luckily it’s such a good experience for most of our guests that they actually look forward to coming back
  • Swine flu – at one point it looked like we’d have a pandemic peaking in the UK at around 12th-15th June. Now it’s looking like our pandemic might turn into “a few people feeling a bit peaky over the summer” (unless the birds start to feel left out and have another drive to re-launch their H5N1 brand on to the market again)

So, in spite of all this, I’m mightily relieved that guests are signing up daily to talk about their careers on the Friday, it looks like Vox Coaching are on board to deliver some of their extremely popular drama based career workshops on the Monday, and although one of our regular star turns has had the temerity to head off to an international conference at the same time as Pathways, we’re even investigating the possibility of a “Live from Las Vegas” hook up to hear his words of wisdom (no promises here though!)


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