Study or Research in the USA

fulbrightIf you’re a UK citizen and are interested in either postgraduate study in the USA (for example going for a PhD after your Masters) or in a research scholarship (if you already hold or will soon achieve a PhD), the Fulbright Commission award schemes are currently open for applications.

These are prestigious awards and naturally very competitive – but someone’s going to get them. You have to apply well in advance of the date you want to go the States. The deadline for both schemes is May 31st 2009 – but that’s for intended departure dates between July/August 2010 and April 2011. So, even if you’re not due to finish your current qualification for a while, it could be time to start putting your plans for “What’s next?” into action.

Further details of these schemes are at:

Even if you don’t get one of these awards, if you have any interest in studying in the USA as a UK citizen, the Fulbright website has a wealth of useful information on everything you need to do to make that happen.