Careers Advice for The Recession

coinsLooks like this recession won’t be over by summer (latest gloom-laden reports speculate that we’ll be stuck in the doldrums until 2012) so I thought we should face up to how this will affect postgrad careers. I’ve put together 7 pages of careers advice, information and videos to help make sure you’re the ones who buck the trend and get their careers off to a headstart.

I’ve tried to avoid the usual platitudes and focused on practical things you can do to improve your chances. One of my colleagues (Tammy – you can see her on one of the videos) wasn’t sure whether there was anything different about job hunting this year. Her challenge was that many of the things we’re suggesting you should do are what people always have to do if they want to get into jobs in the media, charities etc.

That stumped me at first – she’s not far off the mark. Then I realised that most of you won’t know the lengths which job hunters have to go to in order to get into the creative sectors, so it’s the chance for you to learn about proven strategies which could help improve your chances of getting the jobs you want. So I carried on writing, recording and here it is.

Want a sneak preview? Here’s one I made earlier …

If you have any comments, questions or feedback, go to the Recession FAQ page and let me know what you’re thinking.