Careers in the Arts, Media and Creative Sectors

If you aspire to using your creative talents to build a career, or want your work to help others get their creative efforts seen, we’ve got a series of talks and events over the next couple of weeks to help you get started. They’re part of our “Creative Industries Month“, with talks covering areas such as Publishing (Monday 23rd March), Events Management (Tuesday 24th), Arts Administration (Wednesday 25th) and Advertising (Thursday 26th).

It all culminates in our annual Insight Into Broadcasting and Journalism, a 2 day intensive course on Monday 30th/Tuesday 31st March, working with professionals from the BBC, Guardian, Independent, ITV, Galaxy radio and more to produce broadcast and print-worthy materials to tight deadlines. There is a small charge for places (£42.50 to cover course fees, materials, catering etc) but the contacts and experience are worth way more than that.

The only reservation I have is the use of the term “Creative Industries”. I know it’s the phrase generally used to lump all these areas together (it’s not just something made up by the Careers Service) but as a term I always think it smacks of bureaucrats trying to legitimise and corral a bunch of wayward, unpredictable and unbiddable activities in the soulless search for government subsidy. I’m a passionate supporter of “industry” in its manufacturing sense, but when you try to bolt the word on to creative activities, it just seems to drain the life out of them.

So, ignore the overarching title if you’re similarly put off by it, but if you want to get into these highly competitive areas of work, do go to one of the talks or come and see one of the group of careers consultants who are experts in these areas.