Want To Retrain As A (Medical) Doctor?

Next week, Alex will be giving our annual talk on how to get into medicine as a graduate or postgraduate (or even post-doc – I know several members of research staff who have gone down this route). Details of the talk are as follows:

  • Topic :  “Graduate Entry to Medicine – Options, funding and applying”
  • When : 1.00 – 3.00pm, Wednesday 25th March
  • Where : Stopford Building, Lecture Theatre 3
    ***NB. Venue has changed since posting this, to accommodate larger numbers***

Full details of what she will cover are on the events page on our website but it does include the application process, funding and, importantly, getting work experience. I’d sign up in advance and get there early, because it ended up as standing room only last year (before we snuck into a larger lecture theatre which turned out to be booked by somebody else – but empty).

I’ve blogged in more detail in previous years about getting into medicine as a postgrad, so if you’re interested, have a look at “Want To Be A Doctor, Doctor?“. We’ve also got a section on our website, “Medicine as a second degree“, with lots more information (and I know it would be at least a 3rd degree for any postgrad, but we can’t agree on a better title for the webpage!) – and we’ve even got our own Medical Careers Blog (a feed of the recent posts is in the sidebar of this blog). The blog really comes into its own in the autumn, when medics are applying for foundation programmes (when the blog hits soar through the roof), but also includes some detailed info on career alternatives for doctors (working outside the UK, non-medical alternatives etc.)