Part-Time & Temporary Vacancies

I’ve added a new feed to the sidebar of the blog – scan down, past the “Search” and “Archive” boxes, and you’ll see a feed of posts on part-time vacancies. These posts appear on our undergrad careers blog, but obviously, most are just as applicable to postgrads looking for part-time local work.

A new feature introduced by the undergrad blog team is “Seen On The Street”, where each week, they’ll be pounding the (mainly digital) pavements and highlighting part-time jobs which are advertised outside our careers service vacancies.

I know many of you now read this blog through various feed readers or by e-mail subscription, so if you don’t want to visit the blog itself to check for part-time job posts, here’s the link to the feed for the info on part-time jobs.

The “Seen On The Street” jobs are in addition to any we advertise internally. As you’d expect, many of the part-time jobs which are sent to the Careers Service are for bar work, promotional work, catering etc (standard student part-time jobs) but there are generally a few which demand more specialist skills or could provide excellent work experience for postgrads. These are some of the current crop :

For more information and sources of part-time and temporary jobs, see the “Working while studying” section of our website.