PhD Comics Coming To Town!

A bit of a coup this one – if you haven’t already heard, Jorge Cham, who writes the comic strip “Piled Higher and Deeper” is visiting the UK, and he’ll be on campus in Manchester on 15th December.


Jorge will be presenting his talk “The Power of Procrastination” in University Place, starting at 3.30pm, but you will need to register beforehand and bring your registration e-mail and “student ID card” (I assume they mean University student / staff card; as far as I know, the Government aren’t monitoring who goes to subversive talks like this … yet.) 

I got my ticket the day the talk was announced and was all geared up to publicise it on this blog, until I found out that all the original tickets had been taken up within a couple of days of registration going live. However, the organisers have managed to secure an alternative larger lecture theatre (which explains the discrepancy on some of the publicity – they’ll tell you whether it’s Lecture Theatre A or B when you get there). So, if you tried to register before and found it was full, now’s your chance to get this Christmas’s hot (free) ticket.

Jorge will also be signing (and selling) books of the comic strips, so that’s your Christmas present list sorted as well.

Don’t know what all this “Piled Higher and Deeper” stuff is all about? Prepare to lose more valuable research time by browsing the archives of the most popular comic strips, or have a look at his take on Careers Fairs and Job Offers – I’ll even forgive him his view of Careers Services (don’t tell Jorge but I’ve actually used this in presentations).