Alternative Careers For Medics

My colleague, Alex, has just written a really useful post on her Manchester Medical Students’ Careers blog giving some alternatives to the standard routes of hospital or general practice medicine.

If you’re thinking about taking medicine as a third degree (assuming you’ll have two already, as you’re postgrads) but want to see what alternatives there might be, have a look at some of the less common options Alex suggests.

If you’re doing postgraduate medical studies or research and are having second thoughts about a hospital career, this post may be even more useful to you, as some of the alternatives depend on you having already qualified and gained some experience. If you’re an experienced clinician on one of our postgraduate management programmes, have a look at the resources Alex mentions for clinical managers.

And if you want even more options, the BMJ has a great set of archived articles on a wide range of career issues, including a section specifically on Choosing or Changing Careers.

All going to prove that you don’t have to dress up in large collars and talk rubbish about TV programmes , or direct operas if you no longer want to be a clinician.