Engineers & Computer Scientists – Work In The USA?

I don’t normally use standard employer publicity on this blog, but this is an unusual one – anyone interested in the chance to work in the USA directly after your postgraduate (or undergraduate) degree? Thought so – read on.

Lutron, a lighting control company based in Pennsylvania, are coming on campus on Monday 1st December (see below and the Careers Service events page for details) and they’re looking for a range of engineers and computer scientists. The positions are open to both UK and non-UK students, and they are interested in postgrads. It’s nigh on impossible for most students to get a postgraduate or graduate level job in the USA straight after graduating (other than post-doc jobs in universities – and no-one’s kidding you that those are easy to get either), so if you’ve got any ambitions in this direction and want to see first hand what the Obama era means for the world, this is your chance.