Which US Grad School? (Part 2)

Of course, if you want my recommendations, I’d go for the College Ranking Service, which produces dynamic rankings taking into account 629 factors and the Kanoeddel effect.

Alternatively, for all our environmentally conscious postgrads, don’t choose your US Grad School without consulting the Campus Squirrel listings, based on the size, health and girth of the local squirrel population, with regular updates from field observers on campuses across the USA.

Cue campus-wide celebrations for coming top of the rankings …


[If you’re wondering why this is “Part 2”, I’ve got the careers website feed set (hopefully) to take only posts tagged “wf”, so I don’t get hauled up in front of the VC for posting dancing squirrel videos on the university website.

So, if you’re taking a feed of this blog and just want the straight careers stuff – use the feed : https://manchesterpgcareers.wordpress.com/category/wf/feed ]