Internships for ESRC funded PhD Researchers

If you’re lucky enough to hold a postgraduate award from the ESRC for your research, did you know that there is a wide range of ESRC sponsored internships available to you, mainly in government and other public sector bodies? There is an annual call for applications and the deadline this year is 12th November. (I think it’s recently been extended, so if you thought you’d missed it – get your skates on!)

These internships generally give you 3 months away from your university research, in your 2nd or 3rd year, to work in a department carrying out a research project, providing information or work to influence policy or the day to day operations of the organisation. It also funds an extension to your PhD of 3 months to cover the time out from your main research project.

Examples of some of the internships include :

These are fantastic opportunities to find out what it’s like working in a public body, add real work experience to your CV and make great contacts – you might even find potential areas for future collaborations for your academic work.