Science & Engineering Careers Web Chat

We’ve got another web-chat coming up on Wednesday 5th November, focusing on answering all your burning questions about science and engineering career options, jobs, employers or whatever careers matters you’re worried about. It’s not specifically aimed at postgrads, but as a lot of scientists and engineers go on to do postgrad study, this one’s just as much for you as it is the undergrads.

Luckily, the web-chatterers (well, what on earth do you call the people answering the questions on a web chat?) are my colleague, Maddie, and myself, and as both of us spend a lot of our time working with postgrads, we’ll have a go at answering whatever fiendish postgrad questions you fire at us. We’ll be typing as fast as we can so don’t expect too much sparkling repartee but as long as we don’t lose the plot, we’ll have a go at answering anything you guys ask (proving that sorting out your career really isn’t rocket science after all).

To take part, you need to register beforehand, and then turn up on-line with your questions from 2.00-3.00pm on Wednesday 5th November and fire away.

Enough bonfire night puns for you...?