Interviews Talks for Postgrads

With a bit of luck (and some effort with your applications) some of you will be lining up interviews in the near future. Even if you’re not yet at that stage, the postgrad careers talks this week will get you thinking about how to tackle those tricky questions, like the perennial “What are your weaknesses?”. Yes, they still ask this old chestnut – and, “I’m a bit of a perfectionist”, is a cop-out answer which most recruiters will dismiss as too cheesy. Want to know how to deal with this and other questions? Turn up to one of these :

As before, even if our website says “There are no places left for this event”, I’d ignore it and turn up anyway. For the CV sessions last week, there were about 150 signed up for the Masters talk (it was full, well before the event), and about 30 turned up. However, there were supposedly plenty of places left for the PhD talk, and we had about 3 seats left in the lecture theatre by the end of the session. Which is why I take the sign up lists with a pinch of salt… 

Oh, and just to forewarn you, for these sessions, I focus on talking about how to answer different types of interview questions, so you won’t find that discussion written down in detail on the slides (not a lot of point doing a talk if you’re just going to parrot what’s on your slides). Therefore, although the slides will be available after the talks on the download section of our website, if you want to know how to answer interview questions, come and hear it for yourself, or have a look at the Interviews section of our website, including streamed videos of employers interviewing real students.