Mewburn Ellis – Patents Open Day

I know it’s another patent attorney post, but around half the technical postgrads I’m seeing at the moment want to talk about patents, so no apologies about publicising this local open day.

Mewburn Ellis offer open days each year, and the great thing about them is they offer one at their local offices in Manchester. This year, it’s on Monday 24th November and is open to science and technology students and postgraduates only, with physics and electrical engineering being in particular demand here (for any law or humanities postgrads out there – sorry, you do need a science or engineering degree to legally qualify as a patent attorney).

You also need excellent English to be a patent attorney. They’re sticklers for spelling and grammar (you can forget about the “three mistakes and you’re out” rule here – I doubt they’d let even one mistake through). Finally, you need to be concise, so being able to produce a compelling 1 page CV is a good test of your abilities (though this won’t be needed to apply for the Open Day).

What’s On Offer?

According to Rebecca at Mewburn Ellis, “the day will comprise a combination of practical exercises and discussions which will give the students an insight into the role and duties of a patent agent. This combination of sessions has proved to be valuable to the students who have attended our previous Open Days.”

How Do You Get The Chance To Attend?

Students can register by e-mailing They have a maximum capacity of 35 students in total and therefore places will be allocated strictly on a first come first served basis.

In order to register, you will need to send your name, postal address, and degree discipline as well as confirmation of the University you are from.

Want More?

It’s nigh on impossible to get work experience in patents so this is one of your best chances to talk to patent attorneys and see what it’s like in their workplace. However, if you want to know more about life in patents, a real live patent attorney from Mewburn Ellis wrote us a guest post last year – read about her experiences here.