Closing Dates Approach …

Not yet half way through October, and the scary thing is that closing dates for some big graduate employment schemes are almost upon us – for jobs which start next year (June to October 2009). Although a lot of these are big corporates “schemes”, there are also public sector/NGO deadlines approaching.

The end of October is the deadline for the graduate Fast Stream vacancies for most parts of the UK Civil Service (also see previous blog post for information on how to apply). Similarly, you need to apply to the United Nations’ “Junior Professional Officer Scheme” (the entry level for those without extensive experience) by the end of October to be eligible for entry to the competitive exams in February 09, for a start date of June 09.

In the corporate corner, some of the early closers are in the finance, consultancy and advertising sectors – a few examples of companies recruiting for jobs starting next summer or autumn with closing dates within the next month are BNP Paribas, UBS, Macquarie, DBS Bank (Hong Kong) and JP Morgan in finance; Saatchi, DDB UK and DCKW in advertising; BCG in consultancy and in technical roles – Reckitt Benckiser, Siemens and the Science & Technology Facilities Council.

In addition to browsing the current ads on the Careers Service website for early closing dates, we’ve also looked at the main graduate directories and extracted the closing dates, where stated, of the main graduate employers and made it available for download from the website (a bit less work for you).

One big warning for you, though – if the organisation in which you’re interested states a closing date which is still some way off, you should be aware that many employers are actively choosing candidates to interview from those who have already applied right now. It’s perfectly possible that they will have filled all their jobs before the deadline – so that late night session getting your finely crafted application in by the final cut-off date might be completely wasted.

Of course, for specialist roles, particularly related to your postgraduate study or where you have quite a lot of relevant experience, you may find many of the jobs are advertised at any time of year, and it’s more sensible to seriously start your job search closer to when you will be available for work. However, if you have limited relevant work experience (only a year or so) or are applying for jobs not directly related to your postgrad study, and you want to work for a large organisation, don’t miss your chance to apply for jobs next year while they’re still accepting applications.