Investment Banks – Still Recruiting Postgrads

I keep waiting for these events and vacancies to be cancelled, but in spite of the media gloom, many of the investment banks are still actively recruiting, with events targeted at postgrads (particularly in quantitative or technology subjects) and at other groups they want to attract into the City – like women. Here are a few events coming up :

  • Credit Derivatives Workshop, Credit Suisse – aimed at quantitative Masters and PhDs (no prior finance knowledge required), this “by invitation” workshop in London introduces the world of credit derivatives, global modelling and trading. You’ll get the chance to ask all those difficult questions like “why are we in this mess?” and “what can I do, if I join you, to put it all right?”. It’s on the same day as the Science, Engineering and Technology Fair (22nd Oct) so you’ll need to choose which you prefer. E-mail them by 15th October (details on the weblink above) to register your interest.
  • UBS Investment Bank Operations/Technology roles :
    “Women in IT” dinner – it’s easy to be cynical about the City professing an interest in attracting more women, but UBS, and particularly their operations/technology groups, have a good track record with us here. They’ve been big supporters of our Pathways PhD career options event for the last two years and we got the good news that this year they recruited 4 of our graduates – 3 of them with PhDs, 2 of them women and all of them international. If you’re a woman in an IT related discipline (could also be other science/engineering with IT content) and want to talk to UBS over dinner at Malmaison on 21st October, apply to them by 13th October (details on the weblink above).
    If you’re not a woman (or don’t fancy dinner, or working in operations) there’s no need to miss out – you can always meet UBS at our Finance, Business & Management Fair on 23rd October.
    UBS are also doing an evening workshop on Operations on 16th October. As with a lot of presentations, this one filled up early with students registering to attend, so technically, I shouldn’t be bothering to tell you about it. On the other hand, I do know that normally, a lot of people sign up for presentations and then don’t turn up on the night. I also know that for these sorts of employer presentations, we don’t take a register on the door … OK, you’re smart, you’re postgrads, do you need any more hints than that?

There are rumours of more PG events to come – I’ll let you know when I hear about them!