A Bit More on Heritage/Museums

I got back to work today to find out that our fabulous Manchester Museum are also blogging – big time.

They currently have seven blogs on the go, including the wonderful “Frog Blog“, all the hot news from the vivarium and Costa Rica where they are on tour, seeking out rare tree frogs.

Another recent addition is the Palaeo Manchester Blog, covering the life and times of a curator of palaeontology. If you’re interested in investigating a career in museums, I reckon exploring our own museum’s blogs would be a great way of getting an insight into the day to day activites involved.

Heritage Open Days Update

And finally, just to prove that I wasn’t kidding, here’s the evidence that Chester Spud-U-Like does have a Roman hypocaust in its basement.

In fact, it looks like it’s open all year round, not just on Heritage Open Days – just go to the counter, say you want to see their hypocaust and just on your left, there are steps down to the remains.

They even have lights and tables down there, so you can eat your Chilli Baked Potato in historic surroundings.




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