Two More Career Blogs Up & Running

In case you hadn’t noticed the additions to the side bar, we’ve now got another two careers blogs in our ever expanding portfolio – Manchester Graduates (for all those who have recently graduated from the University of Manchester, which can include postgrads) and Manchester Medical Students (in addition to material for our undergrad medical students, Alex intends to include posts potentially of interest to clinicians undertaking postgrad study and research, such as careers in academic medicine or some of the more unusual alternative medical careers).

If any of these are of interest to you, or to students and graduates you know, have a look at their posts, add them to your feedreader, give us your feedback or simply enjoy the real-time evidence that careers advisers have to work all summer, just like postgrads.


2 comments on “Two More Career Blogs Up & Running

  1. Thanks very much for the comments Mike.

    Blogging has proven to be a powerful tool for allowing us to speak to different groups about issues which may be of interest to them – essentially meaning we can make sense of a lot of the careers info out there without you as postgrads/international students/medical students/graduates etc having to do all the work yourself.

    I also like the fact that I can be informal and speak in my normal “just between you and me” voice, rather than standard “careers-website-speak” (which always sounds a bit like your Mum telling you what’s good for you).

    Plus, I just like writing and seeing my work up on the web instantly (without have to go through the horrors of the normal university content management system …).

    As for the rest of the university, I’ll keep spreading the message (and linking to your blog).


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