QED … Life After A Maths PhD

Ardent postgrad blog fans will know this by now, but the big news is … Gooseania has now reached a successful conclusion.

Congrats to Craig on getting through his viva and submitting the final bound copies of his thesis on Friday (I know, you’re all rushing to the Joule Library to be first in line to read it – form an orderly queue, now). As he has decided to draw his blog to a close at the end of his Maths PhD, it forms a great complete picture of the ups and downs of a PhD, from the first post, “Maths Is Fun!” (irony is one of his strong points) to “The End“.

But what next ? Sensibly, Craig has decided to leave celebrity behind and start normal post-PhD life out of the virtual public gaze (maybe he’s off to run an antiques shop like Ronnie Barker?), but it gives me the chance to highlight some of the things you can go on to do with a Maths qualification.

My colleague Graham has just passed me details of two post-doc research positions at Reading and Bath Universities (“Boundary Integral Equation Methods for High Frequency Scattering Problems” if you’re interested – though as they’ve already been e-mailed to all our maths postgrads, this might not be news).

“Research in academia” probably doesn’t surprise you as a career option for mathematicians, but what about Financial Engineer, Medical Statistician, Business Development Manager for the Smith Institute (who research such pressing mathematical problems as “why do penguins rotate their eggs?” – you’ll be relieved they’ve found the answer to that one)? These and more are all on the Plus Careers With Maths Library. It’s not completely comprehensive but does have a wide range of jobs where maths is at the core of the role, or showing the diverse jobs in which mathematicians can find themselves. There are many more areas to explore, including transport planning, meteorology, defence and security applications (eg. consultancy job currently being advertised on our website) and jobs at the interface of maths and other disciplines, such as maths and biology.

And for those looking right now for Maths based jobs, around the world, an obvious resource is www.math-jobs.com with over 950 current job ads outside academia and teaching (including 65 in the UK).