Previously, on Manchester PG Careers …

Here’s a new feature I’ve just implemented on the blog. If you’re new here (or someone’s just asked you what you’re going to do after your postgrad degree, and you’ve scurried back here after a long gap), with a single click, you can now view all the older posts which are still relevant today.

This means you don’t have to wade through all the other old posts alerting you to events which have passed or vacancies where the deadline is long gone. In some cases, I was prompted to write the post by an event or vacancy (which you probably have missed) but all the posts I’ve highlighted will also include more general advice which you can still use, whether or not you attended the event or applied for that job.

For example, an old GSK ad uncovered evidence that a PhD can be accepted instead of previous work experience for the right job, and even if you didn’t attend last December’s Medical Communications event, you can find insights from the event and links to useful resources still available on the blog.

So, have a look here (or on the right hand side of the blog) for advice on interviews, finding lists of employers, psychometric tests, how to become a (medical) doctor, working in Australia and a whole load more.