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You’ve probably got the e-mail by now (what do you mean, you don’t read the e-mails we send to all PGs?!) but in case you didn’t, we’re now officially recruiting for Manchester Leadership Programme e-Tutors. Full details are on our MLP e-Tutor pages but here are a few further insights :

Who can apply to be an e-Tutor?

  • In general, you have to be a postgraduate student of the University of Manchester for the duration of the course which you want to tutor. This is because we’ve had administrative problems with on-line access to Blackboard (which is critical for the role) for e-Tutors who are no longer students or employees of the University. This means that most full time Masters students wouldn’t be able to apply, but if you’re doing a part-time Masters over a longer time period (and you could fit it in around your course and exam commitments) it might be a possibility.
  • What if you’re a member of university staff? We haven’t had to deal with this so far, and there are potential issues with payment (can’t get paid twice for the same hours!) but there might be ways to accommodate this (eg if you’re a part-time employee). Any solution isn’t likely to be lucrative – you’re more likely to find it acceptable if it’s the course itself which attracts you – and you’ll have to get the OK from your boss, but we’re not ruling it out.

What if I’m not an expert in leadership or sustainability?

  • The courses are so wide ranging that we don’t expect you to be an expert. However, it’s really helpful if you have already demonstrated your interest in volunteering and/or environmental, social or economic sustainability (could be an academic interest, or extra curricular – or both). The role is more about facilitiation and encouraging students to engage with the subject matter, than being an expert in all subjects covered. That said, you’ll need to engage with the subject matter yourself each week, so even if you’re not an expert, you’ll need to pick things up pretty quickly!

What if I haven’t tutored undergrads before?

  • This is a bit more difficult. The tutoring and, particularly, the assessment aspect of the role are pretty challenging. Ideally, we’re looking for people who have already got experience of the basics of teaching at undergraduate level, and are now ready to take it to the next level. Having said that, we have taken tutors with alternative teaching or coaching experience (from the voluntary sector or other educational settings) – but you’ll need to convince us you can deal with criterion based assessment grids and the challenges of fair marking in a subject where there are no clear cut right and wrong answers.

What if I’m an international postgrad?

  • You’ll need an excellent command of written English as most of the role involves clear on-line (written) communication to students from all nationalities (and disciplines) – but our cohort of successful e-Tutors has included postgrads from Finland, Italy, India, Canada and the odd Brit thrown in to keep our diversity stats looking good … we’ll even take people from Wales (joke, joke – Sian now runs our e-Tutor team, having started as an e-Tutor herself)

Any further questions, drop me a comment and I’m happy to answer here.


2 comments on “e-Tutor Vacancies – MLP

  1. Hey,
    i am in Software profession I would like to apply for e-teaching as I love teaching. I can teach up to graduate level.

  2. Hi Ruchi

    Unfortunately, the positions are only open to those who are postgraduate students of the University of Manchester. This is for two reasons :

    – It adds to the skills of our current postgrads, helps improve their employability (something dear to me as a careers consultant) and helps financially during their studies.

    – Logistically, it reduces problems with access to our Virtual Learning Enviroment (Blackboard) if they already have access to our university IT systems outside the tutoring positions. Also, tutors do have to conduct two face to face tutorials with students for two of the units, and have to attend face to face meetings for assessment, so it can’t all be done virtually.

    Of course, if you’re one of our postgrads, we’d love to hear from you.

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