Manchester Leadership Programme for Researchers

Just a quick post to give you advance notice that we’ve now had approval to develop a pilot for a Manchester Leadership Programme (MLP) aimed at postgraduate researchers and research staff. We’re really excited at this development, as we know what a difference the MLP makes to our undergraduates, and to those employed as postgraduate tutors on the undergraduate programmes.

It’s likely to run from around the beginning of March next year to the end of June, and will be a version of the on-line programme with additional material, group activities and assessment developed specifically for our researchers.

It will still include a commitment to 60 hours volunteering as an integral part of the programme, and will therefore be a great opportunity to add both the Manchester Leadership Award to your CV and evidence of non-academic work experience and skills. We’re also exploring the possibility of arranging volunteer work with NGOs which uses your research skills, as some key charities have indicated that they have issues which would benefit from small scale research projects.

It will be a fairly small pilot (around 35 participants) and those interested will need to go through an application process, but we’ll have more information available by October, when we’re likely to start inviting applications.

In the meantime, we’ll be advertising tutor vacancies for our ever expanding suite of undergraduate MLP programmes in the near future, so look out for those here.

If you haven’t come across the MLP before, have a look at my previous post on the programme, read about the undergraduate MLP programmes (yours will be slightly different, of course) and hear what our undergraduates think of the experience :


2 comments on “Manchester Leadership Programme for Researchers

  1. Hi,

    I’ve just read the post above regarding the manchester leadership programme for researchers. Is there any other news as to when this is happening, because I would be interested to get involved.



  2. Hi Chris

    We’re actively working on developing MLP for Researchers right now (I’m spending this afternoon reviewing the current on-line unit so I can help figure out how it should be modified to be appropriate for researchers). The plan is to start publicity and recruitment sometime this autumn for a course which will run from March to June.

    As well as publicising it on this blog and through Faculties, we’re also talking about having a face-to-face information event, so that potential applicants know what they’re signing up for, how it differs from other leadership/management programmes being offered to researchers, and the commitment to volunteering which is an integral part of the programme.

    We just need to do a bit more work to agree the shape of the new researchers programme before we publicise it – so we can answer all the challenging questions we know researchers will throw at us!

    Watch this blog for more soon


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