Non-Scientists Needed – For Manchester Science Festival

OK, you’re probably not actively anti-science if you’re considering getting involved in the Manchester Science Festival, but if it’s all just scientists talking to other scientists, that’s a bit of a waste of time – so this is for everyone, arts, humanities, scientists and engineers.

The latest offering from Cafe Scientifique in Manchester is an “Ideas Cafe” on Monday 7th July (6.30pm, Couture Cafe at the Manchester Museum) to discuss the themes of the Festival which will run in October and November and talk about how you can get involved.

All are welcome and it could be the ideal forum for finding opportunities to add valuable experience to your CV, and meeting loads of people who may be able to give you ideas for jobs in the fields of arts & events management, science communication and other writing careers, and a load more (yes, it’s that word “networking” again, but in a non-corporate, non-scary environment).

There have been some interesting sessions run through Cafe Scientifique over the years, in Manchester and all around the country. However, I’ve always been puzzled by the idea that the way to make science more accessible to the ordinary (non-academic/non-student/non-scientist) person in the street is to promote it in a foreign language …

I never know whether I’m supposed to pronounce it Cafe See-ohn-tif-eek (and risk being thought of as pretentious) or Sy-en-tific (and risk being thought of as someone who has no knowledge of other languages) – so I try to avoid pronouncing it at all, which rather defeats the point of having such an organisation. Still, don’t let it put you off attending some of the sessions (just don’t ask me to talk about it).