Cheerio to “Careers Service Metro”

If you fancy popping along to Careers Service Metro, our office in the Renold Building on North Campus, for a bit of careers advice today – you’re too late, it closed for good yesterday. But don’t panic if you don’t know how to find our much larger Careers Service Central office – it’s in Crawford House East.

The easiest way I know to tell people how to find it is to go to the Aquatics Centre, stand in the entrance and turn round to look across the street – you’re looking at the Careers Service, on the ground floor, with Careers Service written on the windows (so no excuses). However, if you don’t know where the Aquatics Centre is, if you can find your way to the Student Union, we’ve got a short video to “walk you” there.

 It’s the end of an era for those of us who started out with offices in the old “Main Building” at UMIST (now Sackville Building), but we’ve had fewer and fewer people physically visiting our Metro office as the more tech-savvy engineers and scientists on North Campus browse the web for careers information, and just rush in, see an adviser, and rush out again. Like all parts of the administration, we’re also under pressure to re-think how we deliver services with fewer people, and fully staffing two offices all year round (oh yes, we’re still here all summer – you postgrads are too important to abandon for a couple of months!) is not sensible.

Our Careers Service Central is, well, pretty central sitting between both campuses so it will at least save all those bioscientists I see having to walk from the Stopford Building to North Campus for my appointments. Instead, we’ve got plans to do more “outreach”, particularly on North Campus, bringing careers advice into Schools and locations where students already go, so look out for Careers Consultants wandering the corridors of George Begg and Barnes Wallis buildings, looking for business.


2 comments on “Cheerio to “Careers Service Metro”

  1. As I was still benefiting from your services when located at UMIST, I am happy to hear you are continuing. Great idea to post a video how to find you!

  2. Thanks Fred – for some of us it seems like the end of an era, but we’ve got to go where the students are, whether that’s closer to their departments or in cyberspace – and the video my colleague, Scott, made means there really are no excuses for not finding us when the students need us.

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