Interviews – Watch, Listen And Learn

Following this week’s BBC Apprentice show, there’s been a lot of talk (well, in my careers world anyway, and on the BBC website) about how to fail at interviews and daft interview questions. If you’re reading this before 11th June, you can still see the episode on the BBC iPlayer – and if you want to fast forward to the bit where the guy gets caught out inflating the time he spent at university, it’s about 26 minutes in. Hopefully, watching him squirm would make most people think twice about lying about something like this which is easily verifiable.

However, if you want to avoid the pitfalls for your next interview, now’s a good time to get some real face to face help, with talks at our New Grad programme, linked to the Graduate Recruitment Fair, and one-off innovative workshops at the Pathways event.

Interviews sessions on the New Grad programme :

  • Monday 9th June, 2-3, Lecture Theatre 1, Manchester Business School East – how to answer the tricky questions they can throw at you, by Yours Truly (I made the mistake 5 minutes ago of asking who was doing this talk – just as they were trying to find someone to replace another speaker who had dropped out…)
  • Wednesday 11th June and Thursday 12th June, 12.30pm, Firs Pavillion – two talks at the Graduate Recruitment Fair. There won’t be formal interviews at the Fairs, but some organisations have booked interview rooms with us after the fairs, so it’s best to be prepared.
  • Friday 13th June, 1-2, Lecture Theatre 1, Manchester Business School East – another interviews talk, this time from Accenture

Interviews Sessions At Pathways :

We’ve got some really innovative workshops coming up at Pathways for those PhDs and research staff who have registered to attend the Monday 16th June sessions.

  • Vox Coaching, a training company linked to the Drama department at Bristol University work with researchers using their drama skills to really bring topics like interviews to life. We rarely get the chance to invite trainers like this to work with our researchers, so sign up for one of their sessions on Monday
  • Accenture have offered a tremendous opportunity to get small group coaching in interview skills in two workshops on Monday afternoon. Although the Assessment Centre session they are running in the morning can cater for large numbers, places on the Interview Skills workshops are very limited. If you want a place, we’ll have a sign up sheet on the day – first come, first served (sign up at registration from 10.00am onwards)