Pathways Registration – Now Live

For all Manchester University PhDs (including recent PhD alumni**) and research staff, our on-line registration for Pathways is now live. What’s “Pathways”? Our biggest PhD and research staff career options event, on June 13th and 16th, so big its even got its own page on this blog for advance information.

However, now’s the time to go to our Pathways registration website and book yourself a place. Along with on-line booking, you can also get more information on who’s coming to take part in the question and answer panels, browse their “bubble CVs” (a very condensed form of CV), and find details of the workshops and events on the second day.

As anyone who has organised an event of this size will recognise, information about guests and workshops is still flooding in to us, so don’t be surprised if a lot more gets added closer to the date (still two weeks to go, a lot can happen in that time…)

I’d advise booking now to be sure of a place (we’ve had several hundred bookings already), and checking back just before the event to plan out your day(s) with the latest up to date guest and workshop information. As part of registration, you’ll be asked for details of the career areas and workshops which interest you, but this is mainly to help us make sure the most popular sessions get the larger rooms. You can change your mind on the day – in fact, it will be first come, first served at each session, so making sure you get there in good time for the sessions you really want to attend will be important (yes, I know it sounds potentially chaotic, but last year it went without a hitch, in spite of hundreds of attendees and up to 10 different options to choose from at any one time).

** The only problem with on-line booking is that it makes it more difficult for alumni who don’t work at the university and who want to attend. If that applies to you, you can either contact your former Faculty training team, or ourselves (at and we can sort out your booking. To be honest, if you completed your PhD several years ago, this may not be the event for you, as it will focus on first career steps. However, many researchers don’t fall immediately into their ideal job, and this event may still be of interest to our PhDs who graduated in the last 2 or 3 years.


2 comments on “Pathways Registration – Now Live

  1. What time are the events on – I work part-time?

    Also the booking form does not provide an option for researchers without a PhD – you are forced to choose a date for completion of your PhD.

  2. Hi Heather

    The events times are :

    Friday 13th June
    Registration from 9-9.30am, Intro session 9.30-10.30, 3 panel sessions between 10.45-1, lunch 1-2, 2 panel sessions between 2-3.30

    Monday 16th June
    Registration from 10.00-10.30, Intro from 10.30-11.00, workshops from 11-1 and 2-4 (some workshops will be 1 hour, some 1.5 hours), plus drop-in careers surgery between 11-4, employability zone 11-4 with advice available during the middle of the day, lunch from 1-2

    The timetables are still fluid, as more people confirm they can come – just confirmed attendance from a manager with Canterbury Cathedral Archives this morning! However, we will upload the finalised timetables before the event (Weds next week) for you to plan your day.

    With regards to the booking form – sorry, we thought we’d allowed for that but it must have got missed off. As our IT expert, Alex, is not in today, the easiest way round it is to pick any date for “completion of your PhD”, and I’ll let Alex and your Faculty training team know to ignore this for your registration. If there’s another fix we can do, I’ll add this to the blog.

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