Lost For Words For Your CV ?

Ever thought your CV could do with a bit more pizzazz? Looking to make an impact? How about a handy list of “good words to use in CVs”? (And no, “pizzazz” isn’t one of them, though using it might get you noticed … but maybe for the wrong reasons.)

Well look no further than our website, where we have a pdf of just such a list, called our Word Bank. If you want to add impact to your CV, try using strong action words to emphasise what you have achieved, preferably using them in the past tense at the start of a bullet point. If you can quantify the achievement, so much the better – adds credibility.

For example, which of the following would look more impressive to an employer ?

Example 1:

Duties included sorting out the website for the society

(Comment : sounds like you were forced to do it, no detail, could be simply changing the colour of the text)

Example 2:

  • Redesigned society website in response to member feedback. Generated a 300% increase in traffic to our site, and doubled attendance at our events.

(Comment : With the focus on a quantified outcome, it implies that you’re the sort of person who will quickly start delivering results to a future employer – they’ll want some of that)

It’s worth spending some serious time on the wording of your CV, once you’ve got the basics sorted out, as sometimes changing just a single word can subtly alter the employer’s perception of you, from passive to dynamic.

The thing I like about our list of good words is that it focuses on good verbs to use, which tend to bring focus and reduce waffle, rather than sounding like the Thesaurus Pixie has been sprinkling adjectives and adverbs liberally across the page, over-hypeing your achievements which, if quantified, can speak for themselves