UK Employers Accepting International Applications

I ran a “Careers Intensive” course last week with EPS PhDs (which was lots of fun and a lively end to the week – thanks to all who attended) and one of our participants mentioned a list of UK employers who accepted applications from international graduates and postgraduates. She very kindly sent me the list, from the University of Leicester – but was unaware that we’ve got similar information on the International Students part of our own website.

Each year, we survey the employers who attend our fairs and ask them if

  • they do accept international applications generally
  • do accept international applications in some circumstances
  • or do not accept international applications

The people we talk to generally assume we are talking about new graduates and postgraduates, but if you have significant work experience or specialist knowledge in an area of scarcity and could enter a “one-off” or niche job, you may find different rules apply. However, it’s a good starting point, particularly for the majority of jobs advertised.

Have a look at our lists of “Organisations which accept applications from international applicants“, and there’s no harm in also keeping an eye on the University of Leicester info (pdf) as well.

As for the latest in changes to the immigration rules and work permits, keep an eye on my colleague, Amanda’s International Blog – the changes are coming thick and fast at the moment, with a particularly interesting quirk in the proposed system spotted this week by our International Adviser. Let’s see if it remains when the new system is implemented.