New Addition to the Careers Fold for Research Staff

For anyone out there who’s a postgrad and also a member of University of Manchester staff, the good news is that we’ve just hired a new careers consultant for supporting research staff, so we’ll be back doing careers appointments for our research staff very soon.

Sonja Tomaskovic (sorry Sonja, don’t know how to do the right accents under/over some of those letters using WordPress!) has joined us from a role as a researcher, with a background in Audiology and a PhD in Physics. She’s new to a careers role so it will be a bit longer before you can book appointments with her (still got to induct her into the secret of how to diagnose what people should do with their career – actually, the secret is that there is no secret way of doing this, but there are a few tips we need to share with her about what she can do to help you help yourself … if you get the drift).

Sonja will be working on a project developing materials for supporting academic careers for three days a week, and spending the other two days on careers advising, and any work with or for research staff who want to move on from academia.

As soon as she’s ready to fly, I’ll let you know how to book in with her, but in the meantime, if you are a member of our research staff, and you finished your last degree at the University of Manchester within the last three years, did you know you can book a careers appointment with a careers consultant who works with your School, just like any of our recent alumni? To find out how, just look at the details of how to book an appointment on our website.

And finally, if you want to get a head start in your career as a university researcher, here’s a good article from New Scientist to which my colleague, Martine, alerted me – all about how to make the most of your time as a post-doc.