(Post) Graduate Entry To Medicine – Resources

After Alex’s talk on entry to medicine for graduates and postgraduates last week, we’ve got the following new resources available on-line :

  • Video of the talk (includes the slides shown) – 54 minute video/audio (in .wmv format ie. opens in Windows Media Player for most PC users) so you get the full experience. This includes short contributions from our admissions staff at the University of Manchester Medical School, and from a current medical student, Vicky, who studied Anatomical Sciences at Manchester for her first degree.
    As well as giving a view of how different the first year of med school is from a Life Sciences degree, Vicky was able to add valuable first hand experience of funding issues and the different loans available (about 50 minutes into the video)
    Note : Slides are also now available to download separately – see comment from Holly.
  • A whole new section of our Careers Service website on Medicine as a Second Degree (I know – at least 3rd degree for all you postgrads out there!) – all the hard factual information and resources you’ll need to get you started, plus advice on the importance of work experience and completing the Personal Statement on your UCAS application.
  • A new Starting Point Sheet on Medicine as a Second Degree – this is a pdf of most of the information on the website, so you can download and/or print it off.

Now all you need to do is get started on your volunteer work experience – good luck.


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  1. … and Holly should know, as she’s one of our Information Managers (and a postgrad to boot – like most of our information staff)


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