Pathways – PhD and Research Staff Careers Mega Event

I’ve hinted at this before, but we’re now well into planning our annual careers event for Manchester University PhDs, now renamed “Pathways”, expanded to include our research staff and running over 2 days.
[UPDATE 14/4/08: And it’s now got it’s own page, here ]

On Friday 13th June (I know, I know…) we’ll be running Q&A panels and informal “Career Conversations” with as many people as we can find who got their PhD or were university research staff within the last 5-10 years or so. We had over 80 people talking about their careers last year, and we’re hoping to exceed that this year.

On Monday 16th June (assuming no disasters on Friday), we’re hoping to run a series of one-off workshops to help answer the question – “So, now I’ve heard about my ideal career, how do I make it happen?”

Where do you come in now?

  1. If there’s a career you’d like to know about, let us know asap. We can’t guarantee to be able to find someone with a PhD to turn up and talk about it, but we’ll have a go.
  2. If you have any friends who fall into the category of “up to 10 years since I did my PhD or left university research”, please point them in our direction. You might know all about them, but there are lots of other Manchester PhDs and research staff who don’t, so we’d love to hear from them, as the main way we find participants is through personal contact. Law, government roles and NGOs are often difficult areas for us to source, so any contacts from these areas are particularly gratefully received (and they don’t need to be Manchester alumni – we’ll take anyone who’s willing!)UPDATE, 8/04 : See comments on this post for suggestions already made, and add your own requests/contacts if there’s something you’re burning to find out about.
  3. Put the dates in your diary now, and start working on your supervisor/PI to let you attend.

If you want to put in a plea for your ideal career to be covered, leave a comment here. If you can offer a contact, just leave a comment on this post. If you mark a comment “Not for Posting”, I’ll still get to see it but I’ll make sure the details don’t get published on the blog (I can contact you directly if we need to correspond). Otherwise, I’ll publish your suggestions and comments so everyone can benefit from them.


8 comments on “Pathways – PhD and Research Staff Careers Mega Event

  1. I am currently studying for a PhD in Aerospace Engineering. I have a strong interest in aerospace design and think it would be very interesting to hear from an aircraft designer or project manager of one of the current projects within the industry. Also anyone involved in research and development of future technologies for aircraft and aircrafts. If you want me to be more specific let me know, and Ill source out some companies in mind.

    I have also recently visited my mentor at Rolls-Royce where I was able to talk with the Chief Aerothermal – Compressors, so would be glad to either contact him on your behalf, to ask whether he would be interested in speaking at the event. When I spoke to him he seemed very keen on PhD students, so it may be something that he would be interested in.



  2. Thanks Chris – both of those are really helpful.

    We’ll get working on finding someone involved in aircraft design and R&D in future technologies for aircraft and I’ll definitely take you up on the contact with Rolls Royce – we can correspond off the blog on that one.

    Hopefully see you on the 13th/16th June.


  3. I would like to hear more about nanotechnology and sustainable energy. Anyone with such background and extensive industrial experience would be beneficial. Looking forward to hearing from you guys!

  4. Thanks Abdulaziz. We’ll do our best to get these for you.

    Sustainable energy shouldn’t be too hard, but last year we tried hard for nanotechnology and drew a blank. Anyone out there with any contacts, just let me know and we’ll be straight on to them.

    Hope to have a page live in the next day or so publicising the event to potential panel members, so I’ll point this out on the blog when it’s active. Then we can just direct any potential panellists there for more info.


  5. I have a PhD in molecular biology and have been looking at careers in the pharmaceutical industry and came across the role of a Medical information officer, which I did not know even existed until that point. I would find it very useful to speak to a person already undertaking this role. Other roles I would like to find out more about would be account management in a Medical communications agency.


  6. Thanks Laura. You’re right, Medical Information Officer is an interesting role which you don’t often come across. We’ll see if we can find someone for this. Hopefully, we’ve got a few representatives from Med Comms coming, covering a range of roles. Again, we’ll see if we can get an account manager, but if we can’t, I’m sure some of the others from eg CMG (who are coming) will be able to talk about it.

    See you at Pathways!

  7. Hi, any chance you can get someone from the NHS to talk about careers for bioscientists such as medical biochemistry or NHS management roles? I am a 2nd year biochemistry PhD student and am curious about the day to day activities for these types of jobs. Thanks!

  8. Hi Sarah

    Hopefully, you’re in luck – we’ve got a Principal Clinical Biochemist flying in all the way from Belfast! So, as long as the plane doesn’t get diverted, you’ll be able to quiz him about his job. So far, we don’t have any contacts who have PhDs who are in other NHS management roles, but I’m sure our Clinical Biochemist will be able to tell you what he thinks they do! We’re also hoping to get an Audiological Scientist (with a PhD in Physics) so if she can make it, she’ll be able to give you another viewpoint on working in the NHS management team. As ever with these events, things are always subject to last minute change, but the contacts are still coming in, so fingers crossed we’ll have a useful event for lots of you.

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