Research into Graduate Careers – Job Vacancy in Manchester

Here’s a vacancy for anyone who’s got engrossed in the graduate job market – how about using your research and project management skills to conduct research into graduate careers?

You might have come across Graduate Prospects which publishes graduate careers info and is based just a hop, skip and a jump from our own Careers Service, just behind Crawford House. The Higher Education Careers Service Unit (HECSU) is the educational charity behind Graduate Prospects Ltd. which funds research and development projects related to graduate careers, and they’re currently advertising for a Research Assistant
NB : NEW CLOSING DATE 25TH APRIL [edited 1st April – no joke, honest…]

They’re looking for a postgraduate qualification and research training, though they say that your first degree subject can be in any discipline. I know this is true because the small team includes the country’s leading postgraduate careers researcher (OK, it may not be a large field, but Charlie’s top banana in the UK if you want to know anything about what PhDs do once the viva and all those corrections are done and dusted) – and he’s an ex-post-doc chemist! If you want to know how you wend your way from the lab to social science research, come and listen to his tale at the Pathways event coming up in June (he does a great turn as a stand up comic, in spite of being a self confessed stats geek).

To get an idea of the kind of mindset you’ll need, have a look at his (unofficial) blog, where today he dissects the stats behind the spin on the job market for newly qualified nurses. If you like to get to the facts behind the headlines and prefer real data to received wisdom, this is one job where your research skills could be ideal, and shows that academia isn’t the only place where your research training can be of great value.


2 comments on “Research into Graduate Careers – Job Vacancy in Manchester

  1. Hello Elizabeth. Didn’t catch this the first time around as I was no doubt doing something impossibly glamorous*.

    But just to let you and your readers know that the application deadline has been extended to the 25th April. It’s a good opportunity for a young researcher to get involved with a genuinely useful group with a national profile, and with a range of different duties.

    *or writing a report on regional labour markets. You choose.

  2. Thanks Charlie – I’ll edit the original post to reflect the new closing date as it’s still getting a few hits each day, so it might give you a couple more applications.

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