Postgraduate Vacancies

A quick round up of some of the vacancies we’re currently advertising which have caught my eye for postgrads :

First, some “creative” jobs, to link in with all the creative industry careers events we’re running at the moment. Most don’t specify that they need a postgrad degree, though for writing or marketing/media research jobs, you’ll be able to draw on a lot more experience than undergrads.

  • Marketing executive (journals) – major academic publisher, closing date 14th March
  • Theatre Director Scheme – supported by a major TV company, closing date 10th March. Must be available from July 08 for this year long scheme working in regional theatre
  • Editor / Writer – 1 year post, working for a charity on newsletters and booklets prepared for various United Nations programmes
  • Trainee Researcher Development Programme – for a well known market research and polling organisation, postgraduate research experience preferred. Closing date 31st March, start date for programme, July 08

And here are some others where postgrads are specifically mentioned :

  • Graduate Trainee, Cultural Insight – closing date 10th March, but had to highlight this one for all those postgrad anthropologists and social scientists – we don’t get too many vacancies where you’ll be using a “market research approach that entails using semiotics to decode culture, cultural objects and advertising, being immersed in culture to spot emerging trends and cultural phenomenon and understanding the impact that knowledge of cultural change can have on brands” – who says a humanities PhD isn’t directly useful!
  • Healthcare Communications – based in Manchester or London, PhD or MSc Life Science background required
  • Geophysicist – Masters essential, PhD preferred, based in New Hampshire (USA)
  • International R&D Internships – 4-6 month placements with a major graphics/printing company, based in Belgium (don’t believe all that stuff about Belgium being boring – anyone who’s been to a university town in Belgium will tell you otherwise!). Need to be studying for, or just finished, a Masters in materials science, process technology, business, engineering.
  • Graduate Programme, Wind Technology – 2 year programme where you get to work for 8 months in 3 different countries, start date Sept 08, looking for Masters in Engineering or Business.
  • Economics Consultant – looking for a Masters in economics, maths or similar, in a company providing economic research and analysis to a range of industries – closing date 30th April. Having a look at the “Staff” tab on their website looks like there are lots of Masters and PhDs already there, so you’ll be in good company.
  • Range of sales roles at Google, Dublin – they’re asking for language skills as well as sales experience, and specifically mention Masters degrees. Go to our vacancy website and search on Google to see several ads.